WOPR Roadmap

WOPR 1.3

This is a massive release: WOPR now supports Audiobus! It also has its own built-in recorder and even a simple looper for creating layered compositions. The recorder is Sonoma MAPI compatible (otherwise known as AudioCopy) so it will work with most of your apps, even those that don't yete support Audiobus. This one took a while: it needed a ground-up rewrite of the audio output code. The good news is that the internal plumbing is in place for lots of future expansion.

WOPR 1.2

Inbound MIDI clock sync: hook it up to your sequencer/drum machine and WOPR will track the beat. There's also a new unison mode with parameters for detune depth and stereo spread. It makes huge sounds. It's like a time machine: set it to zero and you're in original WOPR '70s prog territory; twist to the right and suddenly you're waving your glowsticks around and rubbing Vicks into complete strangers' backs. Also, a few more MIDI tweaks: the sustain pedal is now supported and there are new options for MIDI channel and network. Finally, there are more presets. Delete your old system presets first (one by one), then hit Download in the presets window to get them. Your existing presets will not change the value of the unison controls, so you'll need to re-save them.

I promised it'd be out the week of Dec 10; it's out three days early on Friday 7th. Have a good weekend!

WOPR 1.1

MIDI is supported. Plug in a USB MIDI keyboard using the Camera Connection Kit, or use MIDI over wifi. WOPR responds to any midi channel, no configuration required. Pitch bend affects every active note, but you can still use the Wribbon keyboard to play and bend individual notes. Covers C0 to C7 (midi notes 12-96), with no limits on oscillator octave.

Future releases

1.4 Looper and performance
Depending on how many people use it, I want to improve the looper. I will be adding loop trimming controls and tempo-syncing the looping. Also, WOPR is a bit CPU heavy. I am going to look at ways of reducing that so it can play even better in today's multi-tasking, real-time audio iOS world.
1.5 Presets
Community presets and a larger library. WOPR has a lot of users. Share your presets automatically. No social guff, just a nice, fat library of awesome sounds.

Further out

A revamped filter architecture, allowing filters to be placed before or after the delays. More waveforms. Creating waveforms from the Game of Life grid (additive?) Plus whatever you suggest! Please send requests to feedback@omnivoresoft.com.

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