WOPR Synth Engine


  • 6 note polyphony
  • Musically sensitive note stealing algorithm
  • Full stereo components: oscillators, filters, delays
WOPR's synth engine is about flexibility. Every aspect of its internal signal flow is exposed as a parameter on the control panel. These parameters are just like any other, so they can be modulated by the Game of Life grid as you play.


  • Two independently pannable oscillators plus noise
  • Sine, saw, square and triangle waveforms
  • Huge 32' to 1' octave range
  • +/- 500 cent detune (equivalent to a perfect 4th.)


  • 3 ADSR envelopes
  • 0-4 secs range, with fine control at low end
  • Envelopes 1 & 2 switchable between oscillators
  • Envelope 3 controls noise


  • Two 24dB/octave 40-20kHz resonant low pass filters
  • Filters assignable to oscillators or to stereo channels


  • Free running delay up to 3 seconds with fine control at low end, perfect for ringing sounds and reverb-like effects
  • Tempo-synced ping-pong delay from 1/32nd to 2 beats
  • Delays run independently, or can feed each other