WOPR is a virtual analog synth for iPad with a completely unique modulation system based on vintage 1970s code. This is not your grandmother's LFO - this is artificial life, harnessed in the service of the Groove.

WOPR 1.3 is out! Audiobus, AudioCopy, recording, looping and a few more presets.

Synth engine

WOPR is a mighty, 6-note polyphonic, stereophonic, twin oscillator, hairy-chested, medallion-wearing sonic pimp. Four waveforms plus noise; twin 24dB/oct low pass filters so fruity they're practically fermented; three assignable envelopes and a pair of delays form the ventricles of WOPR's throbbing heart. Unique modulation gives it a powerful brain, then the awesome full-width Wribbon keyboard provides the voice: pitch-perfect accuracy, with note-by-note free bending when your soul just has to soar.

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A retro blast of classic 1970s computer science, Conway's Game of Life drives WOPR's modulation grid. Link a synth component to a zone on the grid, then the number of living cells controls the parameter. The progress of the game is linked to the tempo clock, one generation per beat. On WOPR's wrapped 16x16 grid, the Game of Life produces an uncountable myriad of regular, repeating patterns: perfect for rhythmic modulation.

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The future

WOPR's got the attitude, the threads and the chops but, like the night, it's still young. It's growing up fast, now at version 1.2 with all-important MIDI clock sync, new oscillator modes and more presets. Much better stuff is in the works too...

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